Works style rally car preperation for the clubman budget

The Paint Job

  I like this next part as it is one of the biggest visual transformations a competition car will take during the build and you start to get a feel for how the car will look when finished. We always try to put some thought into the cars we've sprayed over the years and try and incorporate some design and a few different colours rather than a boring straight forward base colour. For us its nice to see some of the reactions you get from members of the public when transporting the car to events or interest from fellow compeditors and spectators. So for the BM we wanted something to distinguish it from a standard road car but at the same time not be too complicated and time consuming to spray/ mask up, and most importantly given how this car is to be driven, easy to touch up! So we searched around for various pic's of competition BM's and in the end settled on this one.


   Its a fairly straight forward paint job with just 4 colours and easy to mask up but it should still stand out from the crowd.

    The first task for painting is to errect the spray booth, while this probably looks like something that would be more at home in a scene from E.T., it actually works remarkably well.      


     The 4 walls and roof of the booth are constructed from polyuratene and the floor is mopped out twice before all edges are sealed to stop any dust getting in. The next problem to over come at this time of year is the outside tempereture of 5 degrees and the dapmness in the air which plays havoc with the paint. So the blow heater is placed in the booth untill the temperature rises to 24 degrees.


With the booth up to temp the final preperation is done before applying paint. This consists of cleaning the whole car inside and out with precleaner. This fluid is basically like a weak form of standard thinners and it helps get rid of any traces of sillicone from car cleaning and polish products. Sillicone, grease or oil of any kind on the metal work at this stage has to be totally removed as it can react horribly with the fresh paint and result in the reacted coat having to be let dry and then sanded off again, not an enjoyable task.



    Once this job is done the car is cleaned with "tack rags" which are basically sticky cloths that catch and remove any remaining dust or dirt on the car, and then, finally, it's time to get some paint on the wagon.

First up was a nice heavy coat of primer to help smooth any small imperfections in the shell and then a light sanding to smooth out the primer.................


     2 coats of white....................


     and then tape up and apply light blue, tape up and apply dark purple, tape up and apply red, which came out like this.........................




       Next up will be the doorcards and perspex windows, right after we're sober enough to stand again,

happy christmas!  
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