Works style rally car preperation for the clubman budget

Windows and Doorcards

      Next up on the agenda was to sort out the windows.  In the class that this car is been built to compete in you are allowed to replace the rear and side windows with a form of perspex  called polycarbonate. This material either comes clear or bronze tinted and is shatterproof, that is you can bend a piece of it  in half in your hands and 9 out of ten times it won't break and if it does it won't shatter, it'll just break in two clean halfs. While it's obvious that this provides much more safety for the driver in the event of a large impact the over-riding reason that perspex windows are fitted where allowed by the rules is the great amount of weight that can be removed from the car by removing the heavy glass and fitting perspex windows.

        Fitting the windows to the BM is quite involved compared to some other cars, but the proceedure is much the same. With all the windows having already been removed from the car  we started removing the glass from the rear side window frame. The frame for this window which can be seen in the pic below, comes in 3 peices and the plan is to refit these to the perspex window to keep the look as orignal as possible. The frame took quite a bit of care to remove from the glass without damaging it as it's bonded on with some fairly stubborn glue.


   With this done on both sides we set about cutting the window templates out of a sheet  of polycarbonate. All the remaining windows were to be fitted into the orignal rubbers so the next step was.....


   to refit all the orignal window rubbers and trim and then fit and secure the new perspex windows.


    With the windows completed it was time to move on to the interior door cards and much the same proceedures are used, templates are taken from the orignal trim cards and new ones cut.
The new cards are then bonded into place and taped up to prevent movement while the glue sets. No great weight saving to be had here, we just feel they look better!


     With the windows and doorcards done it was time to move on to overhauling the running gear and getting it refitted.

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